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The Camella Homes Gapan is a first-class residential community with fully-integrated Mediterranean-inspired housing designs and architecture surrounding the whole property. 

Security and safety of the residents are top priorities as the whole 22-hectare property in enclosed in a concrete perimeter fence. The beautifully landscaped entrance gate is equipped with a manned guardhouse to monitor the entry and exit of everyone. There are also roving security guards 24/7 to ensure the safety of the homeowners and their families. Transportation will not be a problem since there will be shuttle services with several drop off points provided for the residents.

Social events, birthdays, or any other kind of parties can be celebrated at the Camella Homes Gapan for there is a clubhouse and function halls that could accommodate large groups of guests. The clubhouse is also equipped with a swimming pool in which everyone can take a quick dip without having to leave their homes. With this, no need for families to travel too far for an afternoon swim. 

The kids and kids-at-heart will also have a great time at the Camella Homes Gapan because there are several open parks and a playground where they can roam around, play, and mingle with other kids from the neighborhood. This gives a perfect opportunity for the kids to enjoy their childhood without being too dependent on computer games or handy gadgets.

The Camella Homes Gapan encourages its residents to a healthy and active lifestyle. There is an open basketball court for basketball enthusiasts, which can also be used for other sports or functions. The whole residential community also has ample spaces for outdoor exercises or jogging areas for the residents who are fitness buffs.


  • Basketball Court
  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool
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